3 Questions To Ask Students Health Insurance Companies

After being prepared for tuition, the dorm room has been assigned, and your child/ward is headed off to college in the fall. Amongst all of the hustle and bustle of the paperwork, deadlines e.t.c you may not remember to check on their health insurance.

Health Insurance for college students

Under the setting of family policy, not all insurance companies provide health insurance for college students.

Some insurance companies plan whether or not the student is a full-time student. Kindly ask your manager insurance this questions or review your policy.

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Ask Health Insurance Companies For College Students, Questions like;

  1. If my son or daughter has an HMO plan, would your policy cover him/her if they go to the student healthcare facility away from home?
  2. There is an assurance that your child/ward is dropped from the policy once they reach a certain age. So you might want to check the age limit as well.
  3. Request for an extra insurance card for your son or daughter to carry with them; if there is an additional card for prescription medicines, make sure they have that too.

All these questions will help eradicate confusion when they have to see a doctor.

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